Steps to Financial Literacy - Step 5 of 10!

Hey Fam! I’m impressed and excited that this mini-series has taken off the way it has. Although we have a healthy online community, I must take a moment and personally thank you for taking the time to be fully engaged and sharing this program with your friends and family. Remember - it’s always easier to change your habits and behaviors if you have others join in to keep you motivated and accountable! The media rather provide useless stats and cast blame about user spending than provide actionable information to their viewers.

This should be a relatively easy day if you are a salaried employee or have a set schedule. However, if you are a small business owner or work on commission this may prove to be difficult. Both have their ups and downs, but either way - do the best you can and bookmark it if you think you may need to revisit later. If you do have an income that fluctuates, review your pay-stubs through your online HR dashboard or request the past 12 months from your human resources representative.

While reviewing your pay-stubs, ensure to take note of what your net monthly income. Your net income is what you take home after all your deductions have been taken out for state/federal taxes, health insurance, FSA, HSA, Dependent care, 401k, etc. This is important because it gives a starting point for your monthly budget. Popularity contests ended in high school, so please be honest with yourself. If you work on commissions, don’t estimate that you will drastically increase your sales. This is a tool simply for you to get your finances in better shape. See you soon!

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