Steps to Financial Literacy! - Step 1 of 10

This is the first installment of a new, free mini-series of AWP's 10 steps to financial literacy! As exposure to our business continues to increase, we have more resources available to expand our offerings. We are making this content free to the public and hope that it is shared in your community. Additionally, we expect that it will bring value to those that take the time to dig in and take these steps seriously. Nothing is more empowering than taking control of your finances and telling your money what to do going forward. Our only request for this free content is to share it with everyone that either needs guidance in personal finance or may not be subscribed to American Wealth Project.

Without further ado, here is the first step to gaining financial literacy. We will post each step in this mini-series within a week to give appropriate time for our readers to complete the task. Please make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you do not miss a future post!

Step 1: Dreams & Goals

Think about your financial plans and dreams. What do you want your money to do for you. What stage are you at in life? Get out of debt? Buy a house or pay off your mortgage? Retire early? Pay for your kid(s) college? Buy rental property/vacation home? Go on an extravagant vacation? Be overly generous? Remodel your home? Be specific and have a list!

Whatever your goals are, you need to discuss them with your spouse, if you have one. If there is one thing that can derail your financial plans faster than anything, it is two people moving in opposite directions with money. This does not need to be difficult - just think what types of things you want to do with your money that will make you happy and financially secure. Think to yourself first and really put some time into identifying what's important to you. Then sit down with someone who truly has your best interests and let them know how important this step is. It would be best to discuss this with someone who won’t put a damper on your parade.

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