We are American Wealth Project.  Our mission although simple in nature is a huge struggle in this country.  We strive to help our clients and readers alike to improve their quality of life by focusing on the areas we can control.  That is where we come in!  We help you:

  • locate the weaker areas of your budget and provide personalized solutions to eliminate living paycheck to paycheck;

  • set concrete short and long term goals with an action plan to succeed with follow-up support to keep you motivated and stay on track; and

  • generate multiple streams of income to increase your net-worth and allow you live comfortably up to and including retirement.


American Wealth Project is co-owned by Steve and Jason Kelley.  Our business is registered in Charleston, West Virginia and we will soon be offering several classes open to anyone that has an interest.  We are known by close family and friends as "The Budget Bros." and love spending time to help people budget effectively and navigate through life's countless problems successfully.  We grew up in a lower middle class family and have since both graduated college and are actively in the workforce.  We are considered Millennials by definition but do not hold the monetary traits the stigma carries.  We both plan to retire early from our current careers to run American Wealth Project full-time in the distant future. 

We launched the business for several key reasons.  First, we have a passion for helping the other 99% of the population.  We are proactively helping the middle class recover from the economic issues pertaining to the Great Recession.  Secondly, there has been a lack of significant wage growth for several decades that manages to keep up with inflation.  Additionally, there are countless looming retirement issues that include questioning the solvency of Social Security, bridging the gap from the transition of company pensions to 401k, and affordable healthcare benefits to endure longer lifespans. 


Lastly, we are fully aware of the fact that there are thousands of blogs and businesses that have come and gone to help change people's lives for the better.  We are glad that a larger portion of the population have taken notice and gaining knowledge because let's face it, knowledge is power.  However, we have only reached the tip of the iceberg.  We are taking the challenge head-on and will make a difference in the lives of the middle class.  It's not just a hobby for us, it's our mission.


These are just a handful of the services and topics that we will discuss over time to help our clients:

  • Free consultations that includes a simple budget spreadsheet with an option to set up a meet-and-greet;

  • Mapping a plan of your life's work - family structure, career advancement, traveling the world, philanthropy, etc.;

  • Funding your financial independence and retirement through portfolio diversification, real estate, or traditional measures; 

  • Developing a complex budget catered to your lifestyle and creating a buffer from unexpected life events, routine housing/vehicle repairs, or job loss with tiered emergency funds;

  • Proposing actions to eliminate all debt such as credit cards, student loans, or medical bills;

  • Specialized consulting services to assist with the entire college planning process; i.e. Scholarship/Grant opportunities, Local atmosphere/activities/cost of living/weather trends, racial diversity, traveling home for holidays, curriculum emphasis, projected salary and growth rates upon entering the workforce, etc.; 

  • Resume/Interview prep services to assist landing a job or advancing up the corporate ladder;

  • YouTube tutorials, email, promotions and other fresh content to share with friends and family; and 

  • Teach our children the proper way to manage money and the importance of balancing a budget.


Our main goal is to help you craft a plan to ensure you live a life full of excitement, happiness, and security on your terms.  However, no two people are the same and we understand that everyone has a vision of what their perfect life would be.  We would just like the opportunity to help you get there.

Let's Connect!

Email: AWP@americanwealthproject.com

Phone: 304-590-1230

Let's Connect!

Email: AWP@americanwealthproject.com

Phone: 304-590-1231

Steve Kelley

Co-Owner of American Wealth Project, LLC

Jason Kelley, CPA

Co-Owner of American Wealth Project, LLC

- Budgeting - Consulting - Financial Planning - Passive Income  - 
Guiding Every Generation to Eliminate Debt, Create Wealth and Find Independence.
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